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Fatwa Center of America is a not for profit organization aimed to cater the needs of global Muslim community in answering their questions pertaining to religious life and spirituality. The questions are primarily answered by Mufti Ikram Ul Haq president of Fatwa Center of America. All questions are answered in light of the sacred Shariah of Islam. We hope to enrich understanding, debate and discussion by providing an Islamic perspective to queries and specific concerns.

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  • Importance of Friday Prayer

    Importance of Friday Prayer

    For Muslims around the globe, Friday is the most important day of the week and Friday prayer is the most important prayer of the week.

  • Etiquettes of Salam (Islamic ......

    Etiquettes of Salam (Islamic ...

    Assalam u Alaikum, is the most beautiful greeting in the world as it contains a prayer, a message of peace and an important Qur’anic teaching.

  • Adhan (Call to Prayer)

    Adhan (Call to Prayer)

    Brief description on how to call Adhan.