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4 Weeks Hadith Intensive

Fatwa Center of America is excited to announce the upcoming 4 Weeks Hadith Intensive course.

This course is designed to educate students of all levels with the science of Hadith and its principals.

Hadith is the second most important source of teachings of Islam. It is paramount for a Muslim to

understand the concept of Hadith and its history.

In addition to learning about the inception of Hadith and the history of prominent Hadith scholars of

early centuries, we will also be covering a concise book of Hadith “Zaad at Talibeen”.

Here are some features of the 4 Weeks Hadith Intensive course:

1- A detailed introduction of Usool-ul Hadith (principles of science of Hadith)

2- A detailed introduction of prominent scholars of Hadith from early centuries

3- Memorization of a small collection of Prophetic Hadith

4- Reading, understanding, and explanation of Zaad-at Talibeen

5- Certificate of completion

Tuition and available discounts:

Standard tuition for entire course is $120 but the following discounts are also available:

Family discount: A family of 2 or more is required to pay a flat tuition of $200

Student discount: All students are required to pay only $75

Online student discount: Online students only pay $60


Register below or go directly to Eventbrite website:


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