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al salam alekm i would love to go to hajj butt i hear alot of people say you can not go if your money is not halal my husband earns his money from a store wich includes selling alcholic beverages and im not allowed to work so my only income is from my husband in this case what can be done it seems unfair to me i really want to make hajj and i have no say over his work im always encouraging him to work halal and i constantly remind him the suffering he will get from haram money and that life is short.will my hajj be accepted if i use my husbands income to get there?

الجواب حامداومصليا

If your husband earns income through the sale of only Haram items then his income his totally Haram but if he earns his income through the sale of Halal and Haram items then the income is Mashbooh (mixed of Halal and Haram). Out of this income that which is earned through the sales of Halal will be Halal and other will be considered Haram.

What your husband earns through Haram is absolutely Haram for him but since you have no other means of sustenance except what you receive from your husband, therefore it is Halal for you to use the money but you must continue to raise your voice to warn him and fear Allah. If you others means of sustenance then it is better not to rely on this impure money.

If you wish to go for Hajj, you should borrow interest-free money from someone and then repay him with the impure money and use the borrowed money for your Hajj because it is considered Halal.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Ikram ul Haq

Fatwa Center of America

21 Ramadhan 1432/ August 21 2011