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Kindly refer to the answer of my previously asked question in this category with title "Confused about “watan-e-asli” ". In view of the answer, I need your little more guidance. As I mentioned in my question that till now I had not offered Qasr in either city and has been performing full salat in both cities. Now that it is clear that I have to do Qasr at my native town. What would be the status of my previously offered prayers in my native town? Should I have to repeat them? or from now onwards I would be considered musafir at my native town.

الجواب حامداومصليا
The prayers offered in the past do not need to be repeated for the reason of Qasar. You may begin offering Qasar prayer now when you are in your native town.
However, there is also the possibility of having more than one Watan-e Asli i.e. one may have more than one Watan-e Asli if one wishes to maintain the status of Watan-e Asli at one's native home and other homes. One is not bound to keep only one Watan-e Asli in Shariah. Therefore if you feel that at some point you may return to your native town for residence or have no intention of leaving your native home permanently, then you may maintain the status of Watan-e Asli for your native home town as well.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Darul Ifta of Rhode Island
27 Rabi-ul Thani 1431/ April 12 2010