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Salaam alaikum mufti sahib Please consider the following scenario: I travel from point a to point b. Point b is less than 48 miles from point a, so I am not a musaffir. While at point b (for less than 15 days), it becomes necessary to travel to point c, which is more than 48 miles from point a. Am I a musaffir as soon as I make intention to now travel to point c, or not until I actually arrive at point c (or cross the 48 mile boundary)? Jazakallhu khair!

الجواب حامداومصليا
Yes, you will be considered a Musaafir immediately as you have already left your home and are no more within the boundaries of home.
And Allah knows best
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Darul Ifta of Rhode Island
12 Jumada-al Oola 1431/ April 26 2010