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al salam alekm is my father allowed to dis own my brother from inheritence after his death because my brother is extremely disrespectful to my father and mother and refuses to help my parents or even give them some respect he iis verbally abusive to them to the point when i hear him wallah i hate this world and my own children and can not belive some one can actually say such words and when u tell him to have some respect for your parents he tells harsh lies about them to justiify his discusting behavior he has multiple times tried to push my fathers buttons so my dad can charge at him so he can phyisically abuse him and he does not call him father he calls him the old man.is my dad allowed in islamic religion to not allow him to have any of my fathers wealth and make documents to force that just in case he tries to clame inhertence after my dad passes away?please return as soon as possible.

الجواب حامداومصليا

I apologize for not being able to reply to your question promptly.

Your father can not deprive his children from their share of inheritence even if they are disobedient. The only way the children will not inherit is if they are not Muslims.

I understand that the son does not respect his parents and is very rude and disobedient so what your father can do is distribute his entire estate within his life. This way there will be nothing left for distribution after the demise.

And Allah knows best.