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Does the female who lives at home have to provide the qurbani, or say if there is a family of five would qurbani have to be done from the father for each child? Or is qurbani based on income etc

الجواب حامدامصليا
Qurbani is Wajib each adult male and female who possesses sufficient amount of wealth that Zakah is considered Wajib upon them. The minimum for the obligation of Zakah or Qurbani is owning about 612 grams of silver or its equivalent in cash, bonds, stocks, savings or any other form in surplus of one's basic needs.
The cash value of about 612 grams is around $750 and therefore any adult whether dependent or independent who possesses this amount of wealth is required to make sacrifice on his own. If the wife or daughter have this much wealth in their possession or more then they are also required to make sacrifice during the three days of Qurbani.
And Allah knows best.