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Asallam o Allaikum Living in America, there are too many people who uses Walmart / other stores meat and says that it is Halal, Please brief in detail, What is Haram and Halal Slaughtering, Also many people quote too many versus of Quran that "Allah allow us Halal animals and can be used either it has been slaughtered in halal way or not" Also mention that what is the proper way of Slaughtering in Islam Jazak Allah Khair

الجواب حامداومصليا
In general the meat and poultry products sold at Walmart in America is not Halal. Thus it is not permissible for Muslims to buy such meat and consume it.
The reason for this is the meat generally being sold at Walmart is not slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic laws. Islam has allowed Muslims to eat only certain type of meat which is slaughtered in a specific way. All other meat is not Halal for Muslim. 
The first thing is the animal and once it is determined that the animal is Halal then it has to be slaughtered in a specific way which the Islamic method of slaughtering. In absence of any of these two conditions then meat would be considered Haram. For example, goat, sheep, cow etc... are Halal animals but in order to eat their meat, the animal has to be slaughtered in an Islamic way. The Islamic way of slaughtering requires that the slaughterer must be a Muslim or from among the true followers of a divine Scripture and slaughter in the name of Allah. Those animals which are Haram for Muslims such as pig will not become Halal even if they are slaughtered in an Islamic manner.
Islamic slaughtering is required for chicken as well. Even though the meat of chicken is Halal but it has to be slaughtered in same manner.
Before buying meat in non-Muslim country one must make sure that the meat is authentically Halal and the person selling it or the organization certifying it is trustworthy.
And Allah knows best.