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Salam, I am working in an organization and at the time of tiffin when in office I go to a nearby mosque and eat my tiffin or lunch which I bring from home and I do the niyat of Itikaaf after entering the mosque as I dont like to have my tiffin in office. But recently I came to know that eating in the mosque is prohibited. So I want of ask whether what I am doing is right or not. Sometimes I offer my zuhar salah and then have my tiffin in the mosque. In this way I am able to say my prayers also and eat my lunch also. What should I do, should I come out after my namaz and have tiffin outside after finding a place. Please help me. Jazzak Allah!

الجواب حامداومصليا
Under normal circumstances, one should avoid eating in the Masjid but if someone is in the Masjid with the intention of E'tikaf then it is allowed to eat in the Masjid as long as one can maintain the respect of the Masjid and keep Masjid clean.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America