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1. Govt deducts money in Provident Fund and Housing Scheme. Do I have to pay Zakat on money in these two funds every year whereas this money is not in my ownership yet or I can pay zakat on it when it is given in my custody. At that time would I calculate zakat on this lump sum amount for that year only. If I have to pay each year (so that it is paid in my life) then how should I calculate as I have never paid zakat on money accumulated in these two funds. 2. I have invested cash in Askari Islamic Bank. Bank gives me profit but deducts 10% on it by govt order. Now when I calculate zakat on my principal amount can I deduct this 10% govt tax from the value of zakat calculated on my principal amount or no. 3. Please reply according to Hanafi Fiqah. Jazak Allah

الجواب حامداومصليا
Such funds which are withheld by the employer and paid to the employee after a certain period with added matching contribution are considered a form of receivable. To be precise, it is considered a weak form of receivable. Therefore no Zakat is due on this money until it is received by the person with full access.
Once you have received your money from these funds then Zakat will be due from the day you receive it. This answer based on the article of Mufti Shafi (R.A) on the issue of provident fund and Zakah.
And Allah knows best.