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As salam alaykum. I have a question and was hoping you could help me in sha Allah. Where i live there are a lot of dogs, they aren't are trained as much as in other countries, their owners treat them like children and will not stop them trying to sniff you or your belongings etc. I missed a package, and the person who received it, in my buildling. most likely has a dog. I am very worried to collect it as I fear it has been handled with najis hands or has been sniffed all over, thus getting dog saliva on it as dogs always lick their noses. The woman yet hasn't answered her dog but i touched her bell with sweaty hands and already feel dirty. Am i supposed to assume she has a dog, or act as if everything is taahir? Or should I find out if she has a dog as chances are high. I don't know if I am trangressing or taking islam to the extreme, as I don't know if I am meant to find out or if i ignore finding out, am i sinning? Also a few years ago I didn't know about dog najis, I used to go to my friends house, and she used to play catch with them with socks.. I used to home and only change clothes..,.Have I passed dog saliva on to all my clothes, books, belongings, furniture? Do I need to throw it all away? Thank you for your help and may Allah reward you in sha Allah.

الجواب حامداومصليا
By default, most things are considered Taahir (pure) unless there's some evidence that suggests otherwise.
If you know for sure that the dog's saliva has touched something then you should treat that as impure (Najis) but if you don't have certain knowledge then it will be considered Taahir.
Caution is always a good habit but only if it is within the limits of Shar'iah. Once the caution turns into endless doubt then it is not admirable anymore.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America