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assalamou alykoum sheik, I am trying to buy a house through an organization which states that they have shariaa compliant mortgages. I am paying about 1300 in monthly rent for a 2 bedrooms and it is the same amount I will be paying for mortgage through this organization or any bank for a 2 storey house (6 bedrooms or more)I don't want to fall in haram and buy a house through a bank so I am trying to find if this organization is really shariaa compliant. They state that their mortgages is RIBA-free and they claim to have fatwa from different muftis. Since the cheik who gave fatwa has lectures mostly in urdu I could not determine which sect he follows and I don't want to fall on trap and sign a mortgage without first asking the respected authentic imam that I personally know. Here is their website. They have offices both in usa and in canada You can try their calculator and see their fatwa in their website. http://www.ijaracanada.com/?p=1 I would really apppreciate it if you can tell if they are really halal or I should stay away. If they are not shariaa compliant do you know of any organization which is. O is their anyway I can buy the house through the bank and agree to I've them profit and not monthly interest. Jazaka allahu khayran and may Allah protect you.

الجواب حامداومصليا
A small mistake can render a financial transaction Haram. Therefore it is very important to ensure the compliance of transaction with the rules of Islamic Shari'ah.
There are many financial institutes operating within USA/Canada that claim to provide Shari'ah compliant financing for homes but very few of these financial institutes meet the strict Shari'ah compliance standards approved the majority of contemporary scholars.
I will mention the names of three Shari'ah compliant home financing providers in USA that have been approved by authentic/trusted contemporary scholars and continue to be monitored by Shari'ah scholars:
1- Guidance residential
2- University Financial
3- Devon bank
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America