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Asalamulaikum: I have a question regarding selling a product which can be used in halaal activities and in haraam as well. Am doing online business and am selling prepaid cards which anyone can use online on internet. its just like cash which can be used on internet to buy a product or services. But the problem is that these prepaid cards can be used for unlawful activities such as gambling etc, and also they can be used for lots of lawful activities. i have now 3 questions 1. if i dont know where my client is using the voucher will it be halaal earning for me ? 2. if somehow i come to know my clients gonna use these vouchers in unlawful activities and i sell to them what will be status of my earning than 3. should i ask my clients where they are using the vouchers and than sell to them or there is no need to ask them....and leave it to them. My intentions are never to help anyone in unlawful activities, but in most cases it happens against my wishes. i have read somewhere that "if someone sell grapes for only one purpose and that is to make wine from them then it will be consider as haraam trade but if he sells the grapes with no intention to help the buyer in making wine but he only knows that the buyer will make wine from it, this trade will be consider as halaal" Please answer my questions as briefly as it can be............. Hope to hear soon from MUFTI SAAB..... Thanks

الجواب حامداومصليا
There are three possible scenarios with any product that one may be selling or buying:
1- The product can only be used in a Halal (lawful) purpose
2- The product can only be used in a Haram (unlawful) purpose
3- The product can either be used for Halal (lawful) or Haram (unlawful) purpose

The ruling of first kind of products is clear and simple: it is permissible to buy and sell such products under normal circumstances.
The ruling of second kind of products is also clear and simple: it is not permissible to buy or sell such products under any circumstances unless one is going to destroy it or completely turn it into something lawful or neutral.
The default ruling of third kind of product is that: it is permissible to buy or sell such products unless one is certain that the product will be used for Haram (unlawful) purpose. It would be impermissible to sell such product to someone whose known to use it only in wrong (unlawful) purpose.

The ruling concerning your question in particular is that: you are allowed to sell the prepaid card under normal circumstance but if you either know with definite knowledge that someone is going to use it for (unlawful) activity or have strong suspicion for the same then you would not be allowed to sell to that individual or party.
You are not required to issue a warning to every individual purchaser. However, it may be advised that you post a warning for buyers that may be visible to them at the time of purchase.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America