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sir i have a problem that after wazu drops of urine come for some time..i try my best to stop these and protect my clothes from these..but some time i have uncertainty that urine drops are came out..and i always washed my trouser for each prayer but that is a difficult to me to wash each tme or chnge the clothes and also take soo time that then i am unable to do other works of life.as i am a student and have lot of work. and also become tired..what shriah hukam about this :'(

الجواب حامداومصليا
If your urine drop issue is limited to doubt and Waswasa then it can be easily handled. The solution to that is you should first relieve yourself completely and then spray some over your private part and pant/trouser area. This would help repel the Waswasa.
If you have actual problem of urine drops then the only solution is to have it washed each time and renew Wudhu. However, you may see a physician and ask for help in this regard.
If the urine drop issue continues consistently for the entire duration of a Salah then you would be considered a Ma'zoor i.e. someone who has been excused due to prevailing circumstances.
If you are considered Ma'zoor then you would have to make fresh Wudhu for each Salah and disregard the urine drops. The Wudhu for the duration of each Fardh Salah will be valid as long as the time of that prayer does not expire. For example, if you made Wudhu for Zuhr then the Wudhu will remain valid until Asr. Once the time for Asr begins then you would have to make fresh Wudhu.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America