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ASALAMUALAIKUM Thx a lot MUFTI for the beautiful answer I really appreciate it , but I can't understand certain thing can u pls explain in details. How is the calculation for FIDYAH I think approx 50 years he didn't prays saalah so how much or wat items I can give for fidyah so that his calculation can b done pls help me on this matter n one more thing what u mean by issaa -e - thawab I can't understand this 2 insyallah awaiting for ur reply mufti make dhua for me and my family Ameen tc salam

الجواب حامداومصليا
If the exact number of missed Fardh prayers is unknown then may estimate a rough number of missed Fardh prayers.
If someone didn't pray for 50 years then that amounts to a very significant number of missed Fardh prayers as every single day of those 50 years will count as 5 due to five daily Fardh prayers.
Amount of Fidya: It is appropriate that one Fidya should be given for each missed Fardh prayer. One Fidya is 1/2 Saa of wheat or it's value. 1/2 Saa is about 1.75 kilogram. Since the value of 1.75 kilogram varies from place to place, therefore you should check the market price of 1.75 kilogram of wheat and then pay that amount as Fidya.

Isaal-e Thawab means "sending the reward of a good deed to someone else". In Islam, it is permissible to send the reward of certain good deeds to another person especially a deceased Muslim.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America