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My doctor told me to take vits and i have realized that almost all vitamin tablets contain gelatin either from pork or beef source (mostly like not scarified as per Islamic rules). What to do in this situation?

الجواب حامداومصليا
First of all, you should try to find the needed vitamins that does  not contain gelatin from pork or beef.
Gelatin is also derived from plants and plant derived gelatin is Halal.
If it is not possible and the medicine prescribed by your physician is vital to your health then you may eat such vitamins that contain beef derived gelatin. If the animal was slaughtered Islamically then there is no objection at all.
You must avoid using vitamins that contain pork based gelatin under all circumstances unless it is life and death situation.
And Allah knows best.
Mufti Ikram ul Haq
Fatwa Center of America