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Salam Is it permissable for a imam to take correction (luqmah) from a women in the same jamaat? Can you answer this with text from reliable Hanafi text? JZK

الجواب حامداومصليا

It is permissible for the Imam to take correction of recitation of Qur'an during Salah if no one else was able to correct him. This will not invalidate the Salah of Imam.

The more pertinent question is whether it is allowed for a woman to correct the Imam during Salah if the Imam makes a major mistake in recitation or forgets.

Shaykh Zafar Ahmed Usmani has mentioned in his brilliant work on Hadith "I'laa-us Sunan" that if a woman corrects the Imam during Salah and there are only women attending the congregation then there is no harm as there is no fear of Fitnah. However, if there are men attending the congregational prayer then it is better for her to not correct the Imam unless there is no one from the men who could correct the Imam and she had to correct the Imam then it is permissible and her prayer would be valid. 

After having said the above, Shaykh Usmani said: Although I did not see this statement explicitly but it is based on the principles (of Islamic Fiqh).

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Ikram ul Haq

Fatwa Center of America

قال الشيخ ظفر أحمد العثمانى رح: "وبهذا ظهر حكم ما إذا فتحت المرأة على الإمام ، فإن كانت الجماعة جماعة نساء فلا بأس به لعدم فنتة الإفتتان وإن كانت جماعة الرجال فالأولى أن لا تفتح المرأة على الإمام، اللهم إلا إذا ألجأها إليه ولم يفتح أحد من الرجال فيجوز ولا تفسد به صلاتها. لم أره صريحا ولكنه مقتضى القواعد

(إعلاء السنن للعثمانى ص1552 ج 4)