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Aslaam alaikum Dear honourable Mufti sahib. apologies for bothering you. But need your understanding in this matter. We really need your help one more time. We just need one more clarification for the below question/query. Please could you write a sentence stating if the below query makes the person a non Muslim or he remains a Muslim. We ask for this short sentence as it will be easy to understand. A Muslim had thoughts of kufr of the statements, 'I am not muslim, I denounce islam.' So writes the following question/query in an email/Q&A website to a Mufti/maulana and also asks the question verbally to find out and understand the ruling/fatwa in such a matter/case : Question/query: 1)If I write in email that I have said the statement " I am not muslim, I denounce islam", when in reality I haven't and didnt say it. And the only reason I wrote this in the email that I said this particular statement was to enquire/ to get a fatwa and the ruling on such a matter. does this make me a non-muslim? (End of query/question) He writes in the email to the mufti/maulana as explained in the above question that he has verbally said the statements, " I am not muslim, I denounce islam", when in reality he hasn't and didn't say it verbally . And he wrote this in the email was because he wanted to inquire a ruling and a get quick reply/fatwa from the Mufti/maulana and understand the ruling on such a matter/case. Does doing this make him a non-muslim? He also asks the mufti/maulana the above question/query verbally. Does asking the above question/query verbally make him a non-muslim? Jazakallah khairan

الجواب حامداومصليا

If you believe that the person had only thought of such statement but never uttered them and he had written the stamtent in the way that it is mentioned in the question only to ask question then the statement written is incorrect and false. He should not have written it this way as it was not what actually happened.

Making a false statement that is contrary to the truth did not make this person Kafir.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Ikram ul Haq

Fatwa Center of America